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Mandelic acid is a chemical exfoliator from the alpha hydroxy acid family (AHA for short). Whereas physical exfoliators slough away dead skin cells using small particles (e.g., sugar, coffee grinds etc), chemical exfoliators work by dissolving the bonds that hold these cells together.


How does it work?

Mandelic acid delivers some of the same anti-ageing benefits (including boosted collagen production) as glycolic acid, but without the potential irritation. This is because its molecular size is twice as big as glycolic’s, which means it takes longer to penetrate the skin, making it less likely to cause redness or irritation.

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What are the benefits?

Mandelic acid can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles thanks to its collagen boosting abilities. By removing the dead cells, your skin texture and tone will be more refined and your complexion glowing. It will allow you to reap all the benefits of acids, without irritation.

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