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Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant (a substance that helps protect the skin). It’s found naturally in fruits and vegetables and is synthetically produced for skincare products. When used in skincare it can protect against pollution, sun damage and environmental damage.


How does it work?

Vitamin C’s power is often demonstrated physically by the apple experiment. Imagining the apple is your skin, without vitamin C it would quickly turn brown and shrivel once it’s cut and exposed to the elements, however applying a layer of vitamin C to the cut slice stops that from happening and keeps the apple fresher for far longer.

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What are the benefits?

As well as correcting damage on the skin, daily use of vitamin C will prevent that wear and tear happening in the first place (as the apple experiment demonstrates). Applying vitamin C as a serum in the day will delay the signs of ageing. Vitamin C also boosts and promotes collagen production (a building block of skin that gives it that plump, youthful look).

It corrects hyperpigmentation, lightening dark spots and reducing leftover red marks from spots. Simply put, regular use of vitamin C will make you look younger for longer.

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In this video, Naomi talks about why she loves Vitamin C Fix to brighten dark circles and treat pigmentation.

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